The office wife

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Based on a story by Faith Baldwin, directed by Lloyd Bacon and featuring Joan Blondell in her first feature release, which led directly to a long term contract with Warner Brothers, The Office Wife is a fun hour, even if it never quite feels like the hit that it was in the late Summer of Click to enlarge. These were bright days in the career of Office Wife star Mackaill , whose best recalled success would come late the following year in the tropic set drama Safe in Hell.

She was a top star at Warner Brothers and First National at this time and was cast in the lead of all types of films. Still, this was not a problem in when The Office Wife was released and Lewis Stone was still nearer his days as a romantic leading man than he was his future spent spouting morals to Mickey Rooney. Judge Hardy's been pumping iron! Natalie Moorhead looks a bit sexier further down the .

Brooks Benedict at far left. Stone is better than Mackaill in The Office Wife. Don't forget that, Anne. Brains yes, but it helps to hike the skirt up over the knees too. You have never seen anyone so full of himself contain his boasting to such mundane topics. I got the feeling that Anne just keeps him around because he amuses her. Ted wants to marry Anne, an idea her sister, Katherine Blondell , thinks is just terrible. Here's the bathtub shot of Joan Blondell that you expected if you've seen this one before. Blondell is good for a zinger every time she crops up.

Time passes quickly—and how could it not in a movie just shy of an hour—and Anne becomes more attached to her boss. Fellowes, played by Natalie Moorhead. She is excellent. This post is getting smutty! The Judge undresses Natalie Moorhead. The Fellowes marriage comes to an end under the most civilized of circumstances with Mrs. Fellowes even informing her husband that his secretary is in love with him. When Lawrence Fellowes mentions that a young reporter blocks his path to Anne, his wife honestly feels for him. An interesting relationship and a nice change from what was expected.

Finally, a shot of a wholesome American girl Dorothy Mackaill in The Office Wife. A product of its time with much of the story revolving around office roles that would now be deemed sexist, its greatest attribute is its sterling dialogue, courtesy of screenwriter Charles Kenyon. Also features Blanche Friderici as a writer so masculine that her cigars are too strong for Stone! She is played for laughs in her brief role, but mostly at the expense of the working girls she is to write about in The Office Wife.

Stone shakes hands with Blanche Friderici who plays the writer hired on to write The Office Wife , even if she'd prefer to be writing stuff like Jim Tully! It is paired with another Dorothy Mackaill feature, Party Husband Thanks very much if you purchase this double feature through my Amazon affiliate link.

You can read her coverage HERE. Maybe it's the hair. Dorothy Mackaill and Lewis Stone. Thanks for all the info Cliff, an entertaining read. Enjoyed your write-up, Cliff — although I think I enjoyed Dorothy Mackaill in this one more than you did.

I scared the cat. Thanks so much for the mention! Thanks, Karen. I think you probably did enjoy Mackaill more than I did. Felt like she was sleepwalking this one and those bags under her eyes only made me think so all the more. Mackaill is one of my favorites, but not for this one. Or even one of my go-to William subs, Adolphe Menjou. He talks about how the film was a financial success for Warners: […].

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Mackaill moons. Work in progress. Share this:. Like this: Like Loading Comments Thanks for all the info Cliff, an entertaining read. Thanks, Paula!

Hope you enjoyed it—Joan is a lot of fun in this one! Saw it, liked it. Good writeup. Glad you liked! Trackbacks […] Cliff at Immortal Ephemera likes this one well enough. He talks about how the film was a financial success for Warners: […] Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

The office wife

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The Office Wife () Starring Dorothy Mackaill and Lewis Stone