Sexy flight attendants

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Being a flight attendant is thought by many to be one of the most glamorous jobs in the world, although the truth is that there is a lot of training and hard work before you are allowed to work as flight crew. In the past, there were rules about the age and attractiveness of the so-called trolley dollies, although employment legislation now means that anyone can apply and be employed to work as cabin crew — even men! Uniforms may be more modest and demure than they used to be back in the s and , but airlines still like to employ pretty young women to serve on their planes.

Hot pants may be a thing of the past, but plenty of airlines still insist that their flight attendants wear short, figure-hugging skirts along with their high heels while they work. Not an ideal combination for a job which requires a lot of standing on your feet for hours on end, but at least the girls in the cabin crew will still look good at the end of their shift. If the most exclusive way to fly is on a private jet, then it goes without saying that they are also the best places to work as a flight attendant — fewer customers to deal with, although they might be a bit more demanding!

Companies which operate private jets can afford to only hire the best looking girls for their flights. Asian airlines have a particular reputation for only hiring the hottest girls to work on their flights. In fact, the agencies who carry out their recruitment have been known to go to extraordinary lengths to find girls to work as flight attendants, including beauty contests where candidates have to appear in their bikinis as well as in the company uniform.

The stereotypical image of an air stewardess may be a buxom blonde, but you are just as likely to spot some sexy brunettes on your flight as well. The one thing blondes and brunettes have in common is that they all need to tie their hair back, and not have it dangling into any food or drinks they are serving.

It may be hard work, being a flight attendant, but there are some major perks. Not only do you get to travel the world, and if your shifts work out the right way, even spend some time in some of the most famous cities in the world but you also have the chance to get up close and personal with planes. There are also guidelines on whether cabin crew can have tattoos or piercings, with tattoos in visible locations strictly forbidden; stewardesses even have to wear under-shirts of there tattoo is visible through the white shirts worn by flight attendants on certain airlines.

Some airlines even insist that their air stewardesses only wear make-up in colors which match their uniforms, and while female cabin crew have to wear some make-up, the rules also say that they can go too far and wear too much. Modern adverts for airlines are more likely to feature happy customers and glamorous shots of their destinations, but back in the s and s, one of the most effective ways to sell seats on an airline was to show male customers those who usually paid for tickets that they could expect to have hot flight attendants waiting on them hand and foot.

Even a short skirt, a blouse, and a blazer can look pretty hot when the woman wearing it is as attractive as the Aeroflot flight attendant pictured in the image above. A Malaysian air hostess on Air Asia even found viral fame on social media, after a passenger posted photos online that he had taken of her while she was working.

Flight attendants are the first people that passengers see when they board an airplane, so it is hardly surprising that airlines want to hire the best-looking people to work on their flights — put your best foot forward, even if those feet are in uncomfortable high heeled shoes for the duration of the journey…. Airlines may no longer be able to discriminate against employing unattractive people like they used to in the good old days although most seem to find a way to only hire pretty girls but they can at least insist that their staff keep smiling, no matter how rude or obnoxious the passengers may be.

Male passengers may be happy to see pretty flight attendants on their plane, but they should be more concerned as to whether their cabin crew know what to do in the event of an emergency. Learning to be a trolley dolly is much more than serving drinks; flight attendants also need to be experts in airplane safety. A lot of flight attendants started out wanting to work in modeling, but for one reason or another, never quite managed to make it in their chosen career. Luckily for them, they get the undivided attention of the men on every plane they serve and also get the chance to strike a pose in some unique environments.

While there are restrictions on how many hours flight attendants can work in a hour period, cabin crew who work for budget airlines can often find themselves serving on several flights in one day, with little time for a break between. It seems that cabin crew have to take their breaks where and when they can if they want to stay looking their best.

Getting into the cabin crew business is a tough call in itself in many parts of Asia, and then once the girls start working there is evidence that the prettiest among them can often find themselves the victims of harassment. Sometimes they are even bullied by their co-workers, and yet thousands of beautiful young girls up to these jobs every year. Many Asian and Middle Eastern airlines may prize beauty above many other qualities, but they also like to retain some links to their heritage through aspects of traditional costume in their uniforms. The Vietnamese stewardesses wearing bikinis and sarongs in this image were only doing so for an inaugural flight, but traditional costumes often add to the allure of the cabin crew.

Flight attendants today tend to be dressed in skirts or pants, but in Southwest Airlines dressed their stunning cabin crew in hot pants and knee-high boots. Part of the attraction of flight attendants is the myth of the Mile High Club, and the idea men have that they might be able to seduce an attractive member of the cabin crew. More and more airlines are also hiring male flight attendants, like the muscle-bound hunk in this photo, to serve the needs of their customers — much to the delight of the female passengers on board!

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Sexy flight attendants

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