Point of no return sex

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Your will weakens and becomes a slave to sensation. Sexual studies indicate that these are the moments in which one may experience the most intense excitation, when the movements and breath become rapid and erratic. Some people with a somewhat perverted nature manifest vulgarity, triviality or even physical violence towards their lover at this point.

This stage sometimes appears gradually, other times with the speed of light, not allowing you the possibility of acting. However, concentration is enough to perceive its approach. In most cases, when our excitement grows constantly over a longer period of time, we may expect a quick ejaculation, because the point of no-return appears unexpectedly. Therefore, it is highly important that we become very attentive during lovemaking so that we perceive the symptoms announcing the point of no-return. The Point of No Return, Part 1. The control over sexual energy and generally over the whole of your being decreases.

The state of abandon and dependence on physical pleasure appears. There are strong spasms announcing the imminence of the ejaculation. Finally, ejaculation occurs. The penis becomes very hot You feel slightly euphoric and at the same time you lack mental control; some men have described this state as a kind of drunkenness.

Tingling at the level of your perineum. Irresistible desire, intense passion, coupled with deep, strong penetrations, increased speed, and a ificant decrease over the control of your sexual energy. When the excitement builds up gradually, the point of no-return is announced by the aforementioned symptoms, and it is easier for us to take whatever precautions are necessary in order to avoid it.

Point of no return sex

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Point of no return