Oppaimon v0.3.5

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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter monroe Start date Oct 4, 2d game 2dcg adventure animated female protagonist male protagonist monster girl parody rpg trainer. Discussion Reviews 9. Prev 1 … Go to . Go to . First Prev 7 of 20 Go to . W65 Active Member. May 31, If I were developing a game like this one, I think I'd focus on things like "status effects" before making sure everything had a silly pun name. I guess they'll get the other half of the combat system's ass done sometime, and players are probably going to clamor for boobs before a finished combat system.

Still, I'm not a patron and not a dev, so they can take it in whatever direction works for them. Nikai New Member. Aug 19, 11 2. GodofSnacks said:. Ahhh yes my three favorite things pokemon ass titties. Jan 8, 28 5. Oct 16, 13 Can't finish fights in the wild as dialogue freezes upon last move.

You can keep trying to attack, but then get KO'd anyway, so as of this bug, you can't really progress much past Route 1, as there's no way to gain EXP outside of the initial fight. Reactions: KapitanDupa. KapitanDupa Active Member. Aug 5, Aug 26, 19 Somebody can get CG? Speedydg New Member. Nov 1, 14 3. Mar 3, 7 7. Speedydg said:. Reactions: Gabaw. Jenkins Active Member. Jun 6, KapitanDupa said:. Reactions: Tenenbaum and Gabaw. Owmybrainhurtz Newbie. Jul 29, 48 Patreon has the new bug free version available. It says 3. Apparently they fixed one problem only for another to emerge.

Now for some strange reason my other oppaimon can gain exp, but my main wont. Stuck at lvl 4 perma-style. I picked the cummander. Not sure if that makes a difference. Got exp for the first fight and none afterwards. LaterGater Newbie. Nov 20, 79 Game is completely broken Freezes during the first trainer fight and when a wild fight hits 0 hp.

Disgraceful, no idea how the dev could think this build was ready. Reactions: Qui Gon. Cologar Member. May 2, Someone on the patreon mentioned that if you can't KO the wild oppaimon even if its at 0 health, letting all your oppaimon get KO'd instead seems to fix it. Sonico Well-Known Member. Jul 21, 2, 1, Honestly, i ask myself why this game must be so large and slow, considering how little content there is and that half the time what we have is touched-up Game Boy style graphics nearly straight from Pokemon Aug 11, 1, Sonico said:.

Short answer: because it's made in Unity by Indie devs. Unity brings a lot of stuff to the table as a framework, regardless of your actual graphics. You could tailor it for performance, but I guess that would require higher levels of skill. So, pretty much because they use an engine too large for what they are actually doing and don't know better?

Well, here's hoping for them switching to a lighter program to go with the game some day. Jul 18, 2 0. I can appreciate what this brought to the table. Mac version is horribly bugged, but the Windows version rocked it. The Mac version does not allow one to start the first fight.

They are not professionals and new to game development, if I recall correctly, it's totally reasonable for them to use unity and to have a not optimized game. You can't expect everyone to be a former AAA game developer with decades of experience. Actually, nearly no one in the porn game niche on Patreon is an experienced programmer.

Darrel Caper Active Member. Jun 5, Loading doesn't seem to work. That or the game won't load saves from versions. Anyone know how to save edit? Don't want to have to grind all over again. Not saying or expecting them to be. But honestly not the right tool for what they have shown so far. Looking for something lighter to go with it is advisable.

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Oppaimon v0.3.5

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