Mythic manor naira level 22

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Log in with itch. How do i clear Naira lvl 22 where it says "She seems off today I wonder if she wrote something in her diary"? You need to have a camera in your inventory and then click on Nairas door. Then go to Esther in the garden and ask to get into Nairas room.

How do I advance Natasha? Her card prompts me to check out the stall that's out of order, but I can't find a way to interact with it. I dont quite remember how i got it I think youll just have to check it out everytime you can. Like first on the morning, then on afternoon, then the next day. I think it depends on what weekday it is. Like i said, cant quite remember. It's good game so far but I can't get past lvl 2 with Jessa no options to progress just chat she is fine the end. The hints are really not helping since it says "I wonder what she's doing tonight" Nothing would be the answer since at night no one is really active and next stage of the day forces you to sleep.

Thank you came across her by accident and got way further with couple others after that. I look forward to what happens with the others. Still missing one second top left corner so now I'm interested in who it can be.

How do I find these missing scenes? Anyone know how to fix the garden water spout? I couldn't find anything to use at the mall.. Only actual let down is that some of the characters that I was excited to do more with Paige especially : was cut short. Other than that, great game! Sorry Guys. Need help again. Esther's "Where Should I go? Dahlia is unlocked first by checking the mall's trash can for the flyer which lets you access a certain website on your PC.

Esther is level 25 I p? You must enter the hallway from the garden in the morning. For v0. Fanora "I'm hungry at night". What to do there. I tried going to restaurant, but didn't work. Do I need to tell her to use the vibrator? Trying to see if I can find a game that rivals Harem Hotel absolutely amazing, btw Don't really know. What do I do when it says "I should find a place to relax" for Fanora Level 27?

I tried relaxing in the pool and in the garden outside.. Also, do I have to reach a certain level to repair the binoculars? How can I use them? You can fix them by going through the story on other characters and when there is jobs on the bulletin board, do them. When youve done them all? There's no window in my bedroom?! Also, tried watching porn and CamChat at night and late night..

Well I'm stuck. Can't find the man who spoke rude to Naira. And Don't know who can repair the binoculars! And you can repair the binoculars after you buy couple of lenses from the crazy old man at the lake. And impress the other girl to use her vibe again. How do I do it? Is there a walkthrough? I went to the park. Can't find the man. And what does this slurpping sound. Can't find it. Where can you use the Heavy-duty flashlight for example, or is it a thing that's not yet added or smh? Hi, we had this song created for Mythic Manor by a guy named Corsairon.

It doesn't really have a name other than "Manor Night Theme. I'm stuck on - "I feel like something will happen soon I should just wait. Also, I can't get to the 'hot and steamy' bit with Nefari. Any help pls! With Nefaris, go take a shower in the Manor Morning or the night when shes home, i cant remember which one. Thanks for developing this awesome game! I LOVE it!! I have 2 questions - 1 I can't find the 2nd panties for Fanora Lvl I just found one in the laundry basket. You need to buy the other ones at the mall.

Go to the women clothe store and click on the basket. You pulled me in to all your characters stories and I care about what happens to them all! I"m hoping that you eventually fix it so that all of the Manor women become his true harem and with full commitment ceremonies and up to 2people sleeping with the MC at a time! He must be a half-unicorn mythic to be able to charm the ladies like that. Wild guess. No contest ;. May be on to something there bro, there's the whole virgins falling at his feet thing I mean 4 so far for sure.

Plus not only are unicorns cool as fuck, but they're mythos is almost entirely sexual. And let's face it he's not going to be a bunny is he? Hmmm, I've seen Unicorn Bunnies in a few art sketches, and stuffed "Jackelope" specimens in the odd gas stations across the Southwestern U.

Maybe not so farfetched at all as a type of Mythic. I hope the MC finally discovers who he is on his trip to Egypt with Nefari! Hi everyone, I would like to know how to unlock jade and dahlia because I don't get out and I don't know what to do thanks to those who send me back. Do you have v0. There was a bug in v0. She is found in the park in the afternoon. Dahlia's storyline starts by finding the flyer in the mall's trashcan. Is there another way to get the latest version besides patreon and waiting two weeks? I just don't like patreon since it fucked over a few creators I liked.

I mean, there are unofficial means if you look hard enough It's just a matter of do you trust those sketchy sites to not infect your device. In my opinion you should never do that it's always better to support the creator. I've also made an to ask my question and give you support. I'm wondering is the Cashier at the Cervix ever going to be a thing in the game? Is there anything happening at the church? I apologize for my incorrect grammar,i'm still learning English.

I understand if you won't respond.

Mythic manor naira level 22

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