List of male pornstars

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These hunks and hotties are the best male porn stars out there. Is your favorite on this list? One of the most overlooked in the porn industry's rankings are male porn stars. Often reduced to a prop, male porn stars actually have quite a lot of work on their plate that isn't as glamorous as you'd think.

We really should appreciate them. Whether these guys have gotten their popularity for being hung, for being awesome personalities, or for just being sexy as hell doesn't matter. What matters is that they are amazing at their jobs and that they are, indeed, among the best male porn stars currently doing films.

With his blonde hair, chiseled features, and his all-American look, Bill Bailey is a male porn star who takes both men and women by surprise. Behind that "goody goody" look is a man who is dominant, well-hung, and definitely not the kind of boy you'd take home to mother. He's incredibly good at what he does, and is an overall upbeat porn star who loves to hear from fans. Perhaps that's what makes him one of the best male porn stars according to the AVN.

Brad Knight has a lot of features that make him attractive. He's got an incredible body, and a massive wang. He's got the free-spirited yet sexy vibe of that perennial clubkid. He's also an amazing male performer - in fact, he's one of the best male porn stars out there. He's always proud of his fans, and also boasts a special fans-only site that gives them unique content.

Bryan Gozzling is really hard to pin down in a lot of ways. He's got that sexy, edgy hipster-punk look that gets a lot of girls horny. He's as much attitude as he is a male performer. Additionally, he definitely emanates the "Daddy Dom" vibe in an incredibly sexy way. His main site, HookupHotshot. If you love the idea of fetishy movies , then you need to check out his Twitter, BryanGozzling.

Though he's a relative newcomer to the porn industry, youthful Buddy Hollywood definitely has the kind of talent most guys would take years to acquire. He looks innocent, has sexy tattoos like these hottest tattoo models , and definitely knows how to work it on camera.

He recently had to restart his Twitter, so if you want to show him some love, do so BuddyxHollywood. If you're a fan of innocent, slender guys who know how to work it, he'll definitely be on your list of the best male porn stars. Chad White is a beefcake type of man. He's muscular, he's got a sexy manly beard , and he's incredibly well hung. In many senses of the word, Chad White looks like he belongs on a poster. But, no, he's not Photoshopped - he's just really hot. Oh, and he's friendly. He knows how to work his manly physique with female models and is exceptional when it comes to more female-centric scenes.

In terms of male porn stars, Charles Dera is a bit of a unique case. The chiseled manly man may be a veteran of many years in the adult film industry, but that doesn't mean that's all he is! Though he has many talents, Charles Dera is mostly known for his plus videos - all involving his stunning body.

He loves to chat with fans, and he even screentimes with them. Check out his Twitter, RealDera. Chris Strokes is a talented male porn star who regularly has fans begging to see his content - and it's easy to see why. He's gorgeous, he has a mystique about his persona that makes the films really "pop," and he also is very good to his fans. An artist in every sense of the word, Chris Strokes is the kind of male adult film star that every girl admires. If you want to see why, check out his awesome Twitter, ChrisStrokesxxx.

Christian XXX, formerly known as Maxx Diesel, is known for his masculine, jacked body and his amazing command of porn acting. An actor who is highly supportive of his fellow stars, Christian XXX is known for promoting the people he does scenes with.

If you love taking a walk on the wild side, or just looking at his amazing sports prowess, check out his Twitter, christianxxx1. He has that sexy all-American fratboy look, but make no mistake about it, he's all wild! Damon Dice is one of those men who has a lot of talent in a lot of different fields. In porn, he's known for being able to perform for hours, having a huge wang, and also pose in the best possible ways. However, he's also a tech professional who has an entrepreneurial streak. It's brains and brawn! Check out his Twitter, DamonDice8.

Danny D. He's well endowed, but down to earth about it. He's lanky, but at the same time, he just generally has an overall sexy vibe. He knows how to work what he has, and he's also an amazing porn producer. Check out his latest work via Twitter, DannyDxxx. The year porn industry veteran has regularly gotten acclaim for being one of the best male porn stars in the industry - primarily thanks to his acting, his massive male parts, and the fact that he's just easy to work with. That being said, Danny Mountain is really fun to follow on Twitter since he also shows off his other interests, such as MMA, conspiracy theories , and Manchester United.

Check out his Twitter today via DannyMountain If anyone deserves to be called a longtime veteran of the adult film world, it'd have to be beefy, sexy Derrick Pierce. With a jaw-dropping plus list of movies under his belt, Derrick Pierce is currently one of the longest performing actors in the porn world.

His Twitter shows his awesome Crossfit training Check out his work via Twitter, dpiercexxx. To be fair, Eric John is not just an adult performer. He's a producer and the CEO of his own porn company, as well. That being said, he knows how to make great porn as both an actor and as a producer. The best thing about Eric John is that you can tell, even from the porn films he does, that he cares about the comfort of the ladies he works with.

Among ebony actors, there's no name that may be bigger than Flash Brown. This tall, sultry stud regularly ranks among the top male porn stars in his genre - as well as in mainstream porn. He is insanely good looking, incredibly well-endowed, and also happens to be one of the most well-spoken in the industry.

He's awesome, and that's why you need to check out his Twitter, FlashBrownxxx. Ike Diezel has regularly been cited as a top male performer, even among other male performers. It's easy to see why. He's got a great body, knows what positions work out well, and also just tends to be really open to a bunch of different shoots. But, he's more than just a porn star. He's also hilarious online, has a razor sharp wit, and just knows how to work his personality.

Did we mention he's also a director, too? Check out his Twitter, IkeDiezel. Known for being a bit of a controversial figure in porn, James Deen's tabloid claim to fame doesn't always do him justice. Though he may have been in the center of a lot of controversies and scandal, there's no denying that he's known as one of the best male porn stars out there.

He's got a bangin' body, a great stage persona, and he delivers when it comes to rough sex. He also tends to be pretty funny when he's online, and gives himself a very authentic brand. Check out his Twitter at JamesDeen. Jean Val Jean is one of those porn stars that just has it going on.

He's got sexy hair, a sexier body, and he's incredibly well hung. But, despite the fact that he's got that "bad boy" look down to a tee, he still seems friendly, warm, and approachable. The end result? A male performer who really can get both men and women going with his amazing B-G scenes.

You need to check out his Twitter to see it all, via xxJeanValJeanxx. This hot hunk of a man isn't just sexy - he's also brainy, and graduated from UCLA in film. Perhaps that's why he's so good on camera, and why he's such a popular porn star. The cool thing about Jessy Jones is that he definitely works hard to ensure that female porn stars look their best. Between his awesome demeanor and his amazing physique, it's easy to see why he's one of the best male porn stars according to the AVN. Check out his Twitter, JessyJonesxxx , and you'll fall in love with his work.

Joel Tomas has a sleek physique, exotic features, and a vibe that screams of the classic Spanish lover trope. He's sultry, he knows how to work his looks in front of the camera, and he's bilingual. Needless to say, both guys and girls tend to love his movies. If you love guys who have that "sexy Spaniard" look, then you will love Joel Tomas.

Johnny Sins is that tall, muscular beefcake of a man that most men wish they were - and most women wish they'd bang.

List of male pornstars

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