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Q: Do you remember who your first scene with? Leah Luv: Ed Powers. Q: And the movie? Leah Luv: More Dirty Debutantes Q: Who are your favorite performers to work with - men or women? Leah Luv: Hillary Scott is my favorite female performer. Under her would be Bianca Pureheart. And for male performer, I like working with Tee Real. My two favorite male performers are Van Damage and Mandingo. I like a lot of the male performers Q: Is there anyone you'd like to work with that you haven't gotten the chance to yet? Leah Luv: Lexington Steele. I haven't worked with him yet. Q: Sexually speaking, do you have a favorite thing to do on camera?

Leah Luv: I love DPs. I love giving blowjobs. My favorite position is cowgirl Q: Do you have any fantasies that you'd like to play out on camera that you haven't gotten to yet? Leah Luv: Nope I think I've tried all those out! Q: Tell us about the braces Leah Luv: I do think my braces are a big part of my appeal. But my braces are not a "stage thing". May of is when I got my braces, and when they're ready to come off, they're coming off. I'm tired of them I hate them I don't ever want them on my face again! They drive me crazy!

It's hard to eat, it's hard to brush my teeth, it's hard to suck dick The very day they're ready to come off, they'll be off. And I'm really excited about working without them. I think that a lot of people right now thing that my braces are what "make" me Leah Luv, but I really think I'm going to be able to do more and I think I'm going to look a lot better without them.

And I can't wait to start working without them to see the reaction from the fans I have now. I don't think I'm going to lose any fan base I think my fan base will probably double, if not quadruple after I get the braces off. Leah Luv: I love to go to clubs.

I really love to shop. I love being a mom. I love getting my hair and my nails and my toes done. I love massages I love going to my masseuse and getting massages. I like being around guys I like dating. But I don't think I'll be in a relationship anytime soon! Q: How much longer to you plan to stay in the industry? Any long term plans for what you'd like to do after you stop performing? Leah Luv: I plan on performing for another couple years. When I'm done being a performer, I'm going to start my own company and hopefully producing.

So those are my long-term goals. I don't have a set date to leave the industry So I'm not making any plans other than starting a company and being a producer. Leah Luv: When I first got into porn, I used to be really nervous and I've always been shy my whole life, so I never really put much effort into a scene - I couldn't really talk or make noise because I was still nervous and shy.

So I'm not disappointed that I didn't get nominated. If you look at the girls who have walked away with awards, once they get those awards, their career pretty much drops. I'm fresh and new and there's still a lot of companies I haven't worked for, and I'm fine with not being nominated because my fans let me know that I'm one of the best that there is, and that they really love me, and so the nominations don't matter. If I get nominated next year, that would really make me happy - but I don't really concern myself with that as much as I concern myself with what the fans think.

And the companies keep shooting me Q: Just out of curiosity, if a major studio wanted to make you a contract girl, would that be something you'd be interested in, or do you prefer to be able to work independently? Leah Luv: At this time, I like being able to work with different companies. Mainly for the money. So right now I'm completely content as an independent. In another couple years - possibly two, possibly three, possibly five - I would consider it only if it were Wicked or Vivid, only if they'd put my name out and really, really get myself out there. Q: Can you tell us a little about your website and what you offer there?

Leah Luv: Well, my website is www. It's a very "young girl" site I'm the first solo-girl site with the affiliates that I'm with. It's doing really well I love, love, love when my fans e-mail me [leah sweetleahluv. I love it It gives me a chance to really do what they want - to really interact with them. I love hearing new ideas from my fans and having them tell me what they like about me, don't like about me, and what they want to see me do and don't want to see me do.

About a month or two ago, I had a couple fans ask me to go bald I've always had a heart on my pussy And then I had a couple fans ask me to grow a full bush And now I have a racing stripe. I just really, really love to interact with my fans. I love to be able to do the things that they are into. I know that my fans are my career Q: Any movies coming out you'd like to let us know about? Leah Luv: I have a new movie by Rob Rotten coming out in a couple of months from Metro - that's going a really good movie, although I don't know the name of it.

I do want to mention the two movies that I have out that are based on squirting. And those are both movies that I squirt in, and I do naturally squirt I have my whole life. Before I got into porn, I used to be really, really scared to squirt because it was embarrassing for me. And then I got into porn and I realized guys really like this! So now I'm more open and more prone to try and squirt as much as I possibly can in every scene.

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We also got to talk about her plans Leah Luv: Well I had a kid when I was 18, and after I had my baby I realized it was too hard to be a parent when you're making minimum wage. You can't really afford life, period. So I got into porn for my family, but I also got into it for the attention I like making money and I like traveling, and I get all of that in porn.

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