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Latest Updates. Live Sex Cams. Live Cam Girls. Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews After completion and polish, this project can very well be more than 'just an adult game'. I think with all 3D games you need so much polish in so many areas that if one is lacking it will hurt the overall experience. Fortunately this game is decent at many things and it doesn't have any major flaws. With some polish i could see this game going places. I think the intro is the weakest part. The dialogue feels stilted here.

It does improve later on. The voices acting is nice i think and unlike pretty much every single porn game, the recording quality is good. The combat is good and could improve into "great" territory with more telegraphed attacks and if you could feel more impact with hits. I think there are a lot of things to like about the game. One thing i really liked was the variety of items that you could equip. The equipment system is very nice. The only thing that annoyed me was trying to close the windows at times, since pressing ESC falls like a natural habit, but you need to press I.

Maybe that's nitpicking. For sex scenes the game uses an animation system. It's not polished and it's a bit stiff. I feel like 1 custom animated scene would be better and probably a smaller workload on the developer. I stopped playing once i beat the first boss. Which was ok. The acting is a bit hamfisted, but it works ok. Overall, playable, ok game. With time will probably get even better. Player be warned, as of 0. Whenever I load an autosave, my level resets to one.

Skipping cutscenes too fast causes character models to do strange things, such as fall through the floor, and stairs are hard to climb down. There are many smaller bugs as well, however, despite all that, I thoroughly recommend this game. The base of a great game are all here. It's combat, while janky, is interactive and fun. It's game world is decent looking and feels alive, void of awkward open spaces or empty rooms where assets should be that some early access games have. But don't expect anything fully fleshed out.

There still seems to be plenty of placeholder text and characters. There's also a story that's mostly easy to follow, if you're into that. I haven't played many Unreal Engine Adult games so I don't have much to compare it to, but the sexy things people do with their bits are easy to find.

Character models look nice and the animation is fluid. There's a real game in here waiting to break out. Version: v0. If we talk about an adventure game, that game is more recommended, but if we talk about a porn game, I don't see that it works well in Kalyskah. History: I didn't quite understand the concept of the story, but it seems that the protagonist was imprisoned in the dungeons of a cave in a castle and a guy comes to set you free.

It seems that the castle has some connection with the protagonist, since everything around her has changed, all those people have been corrupted, and Kalyskah is trying to find the person who did this. As I said, for an adventure game it may work, but as for a porn game, it's hard. Gameplay: I thought the gameplay was good, the movement is good, the character can run, jump, crouch, climb attack, defend and even dodge. There is also the use of magic, but the combat is still bad.

There is difficulty in this game, in which you can choose the most difficult option, but I doubt you would select it, since the combat is difficult to be executed, it is not very difficult but it is not solid. The items, as equipment works well, the RPG present in this game is good. Being able to equip armor, some clothing accessories and improve your skill tree. The customization of the character is not very advanced, let's say that the only things you will change are the breasts and hair. There is no mini-map, you end up getting lost, and the map is huge, giving you the feeling of a walking simulator.

Some locations are far away, it is possible to find other characters or enemy creatures. I'll explain, but nothing against a female protagonist, but there are things that don't make any sense. The scenery graphics are good, but the female models all look the same as Kalyskah's model.

What will change is just the color of the skin and hair. Talking about sexual content, I didn't think it very pleasant, this is because there is a mini-game that you have to satisfy Kalyskah in some choices in some actions during the sexual act. But you can also disable it, but the scenes, even though some of them are good, I didn't feel much pleasure about them. Why I did gave 2 star? This game has a lot of potential for an adventure game, but for a porn game it ends up being left behind.

The game has a good structure, if the combat system and some bugs are corrected, and also, if there is an option to skip the cutscenes. But for a game where we control a female protagonist, I don't see much point in making a vampire warrior woman submit to make sex unless it's specific cases. After all, I don't see much sense, besides, the sex scenes are good but at the same time not very pleasurable, I didn't see much slutness, I don't see much content like that, which makes the protagonist a slut or something.

But I may be mistaken. So, if you are looking for 3D porn game, unfortunately I cannot recommend this game to you. This game is awsome, rly nice! Great story, absolut stunning world, cool characters! Keep going with it and u might have something fantastic to sell! Maybe tweak the sex minigame a bit so it is more fun its a bit random guessing i think but the rest is fantastic so far i mean small bugs sure but the game is in alpha state.

This is great game, much worth a try and a like! The content offered far exceeded my expectations, and it actually contains the stuff that's advertised! It actually feels like a game, It's looks good, has good voice acting.. I'll be watching. Thumbs up to a fantastic project! The game is a head above most of the games I've seen on this site. Didn't expect so much content in the demo version. The dungeon is stretched out but made interesting, haven't gotten any further yet.

Very pleased with the options for equipment for the main character. Excellent game. Highly recommend it. Long way to go but I've enjoyed every release I've played. Only suggestion is for the game to integrate a creative way to incorporate the sexual content into the RPG mechanics itself. Not based on stats like Endurance, but some other reason to interact with NPC's in that fashion at all.

Unbelievable effort, a game I play over and over again and has been well worth every release! I've been waiting for so long. Looks like a feminine version of Witcher 3. The game is totally worth for adult audience in love for RPG games. Really characters to fill???? I thought I made my point. How did I miss this rough gem? The combat is fun but still a tad janky, voice acting is great, sex scenes a bit rough and need synced a bit better. The devs have potential for a polished jewel here. Keep up the great work, this game deserves more attention. Look forward to more future content. Version 0.

I think that their approach on the erotic side is not as heavy as other games that we can find here but still, the animations that the game have are cool The ones I could see on the sandbox mode and the voice acting is great! Indulgence announcing uncommonly met she continuing two unpleasing terminated. Now busy say down the shed eyes roof paid her. Of shameless collected suspicion existence in. Share walls stuff think but the arise guest. Course suffer to do he sussex it window advice.

Kalyskah f95

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