Innocent witches adult game

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Amazing and at the same time, a strange story was told to me by an old acquaintance by correspondence. He told me of the time when he was nothing but a simple guy, yearning for a young female flesh. But due to the thunderstorm of events, in which he was cast, he found himself at a disastrous end. His birth was shrouded in mystery, and his goals were that of a simple man.

His youth could be the envy of all. But to live through his destiny and bear the entirety of it, is even beyond my power. He will recite you a tale about the students who changed his life. And many women who he met, and how they have changed his fate. We are about to take an endeavor into a magical world, that has not seen a wild debauchery since the fall of the Bewitching Guild. The old magical school, that above all valued purity and chastity. And we also hear about a young doctor, who grew tired of old witches, and who dreamed of young and innocent witches… It is time to raise our sails!

On-wards to Hogwarts! Added the first chapter of the updated plot 2. Integrated Live2D animations in the showers into the game 4. Added alternative scene with Minerva 5. Added a bunch of new and updated sexy minions 7. Added several new locations 8. Added three plot-related interactive events 9. Introduced several new characters for future events Added three new music tracks Updated preferences screen to make it more user-friendly Updated saving system and added new ESC menu Updated interfaces throughout the game A bunch of other fixes and adjustments based on the feedback Fixed animations being stuck in certain situations special thanks to those who helped with the debug 2.

Fixed an exception with transferring persistent data from a very old version 3. Fixed several notification and goals issues 4. Other minor fixes and adjustments. Fixed a rare crash during transition to the next day 2. Fixed incorrect swimsuit demonstration in act 1 chapter 4 3. Fixed incorrect speaker portrait during Cho Chang encounter in act 1 chapter 4 4.

Fixed animations being stuck in certain situations 4. Other fixes and bugs. Fixed a bug caused by sending letters to multiple recipients 4. Updated old bugs and added several new ones. Fixed the Book of Runes event 2. Fixed the Wheel of Fortune WoF event 4. Added slightly different endings for the WoF event based on the difficulty 5.

Random bedroom encounters should be reachable now 6. Further updated the drinking minigame interface 7. Fixed Xandria interactions in Act 2 Chapter 2 8. Added the option to use old music from the versions Other fixes and adjustments New bugs. Dark path in chapter 5 is now passable! Additional scenes for dark path added 4. Miniskirts quest line, you can get 2 shorter skirts on the main girls now more later 5. This will allow you to buy new things from an old friend 6. Dressing room added 7. Peeking on the girls in the shower introduced minimum functionality 8.

Quest to introduce drinking game added 9. Drinking game itself added preliminary, basic functionality to make money Sexecution catalogue and market introduced Dark path special scenes with Susan for tutoring Dark path scene with Hermione Continuation of Diadem quest line added Combining and breaking apart of items mechanic Special scene with Daphne introduced Easter egg with portraits is in game Portraits now have random texts Haggling with Filch mechanic added Bunch of different QoL fixes and additions for interface and translations. Fixed a bunch of critical bugs 2. Fixed other non-critical bugs 3.

Changed the version of the game saves made in 0. Act 2 begins! New scene with main girl these scenes are on light path for now 3. Dark path can now allow you to suspend Hermione and Daphne as well 4. Drinking scene bonus for Hermione and Daphne added 5.

Art added for Hermione and Susan interactions with Markus tutoring 6. Updated idles for Nola and Ginny 8. Changing room added WIP, only Daphne is partially added at the moment New commissar scenes with all girls New random interactions with portraits WIP, may be broken in pre-release Dark path continues up to our next minigame which is still WIP sorry Memories were added for all girls Changes to Daphne Bathwater event Many quality of life improvements and additions Fixed a multitude of bugs Added new bugs. You must be logged in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Don't have an ? Up. Please log in or register to like posts. Innocent Witches Adult Game Overview Amazing and at the same time, a strange story was told to me by an old acquaintance by correspondence. Changelog v0. Most of the new content is available in the new story 1. Added four side quests with juicy rewards 2. Added a fullscreen scene with one of the main girls 3. Added new uniform for the main girls 4. Restored unofficial meetings with main girls 5.

Added random encounters in the corridor 6. Added new minions in bedrooms for the last stage of the main quest 7. Updated x-ray acquisition and functionality in new plot 8. Slightly updated the new plot scene with Minerva 9. Added 7 new music tracks Fixed a of annoying bugs thanks for the reports! Added a of QoL improvements Added new bugs in accordance with multiple requests. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Log In. Remember me. Forgot password? My Bookmarks.

Innocent witches adult game

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