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Profile Gallery Scraps Favorites Journals. Profile Gallery Scraps Fav orite s Journals. View Gallery. Pokemon - Daisy Skipping Animation ed: 9 years ago. View Favorites. Sally Figure ref by sallyhot , faved: 5 years ago. View List Watched by View List Watching Views: Submissions: Favs: Comments Earned: Comments Made: Journals: View Journal 26 Comments. Contains: Lesbians Straight-shota Just to be on the safe side, I'm posting this as a journal instead of a submission just in case it accidentally violates a content rule somewhere.

Diving into water at a certain place used to teleport you into a table. That has been fixed now. I've been working on a very large H parody of Pokemon over the past 6 years. You can download the playable demo and level editor for the game.

All of the game's programming is complete. But I still have to make more levels and graphics. Feel free to play around with the editor and make your own pokemon game. I'll keep working on my version, but there's no reason you can't have fun and make your own. This is my most ambitious project. It was originally inspired by a picture that NeoNeko drew. What's new? You can also actually LOOK at the inn poster on the wall. Just give her a reason to investigate you.

There's also a scene if Misty talks to her at night while wearing a leather coat. And you won't lose your turn anymore. Just make sure you keep some fan-art items with you. If the battle ends, you'll ocassionally re-encounter your lost pokemon in other battles.

In fact, people have created so many pokemon drawings that I had to re-arrange the locations of all the pokemon just to re-balance everything. User Profile. Accepting Trades. Accepting Commissions. Character Species. Favorite Music. Favorite Games. Favorite Gaming Platforms. Favorite Animals. Favorite Site. Favorite Quote. Favorite Artists. Contact Information. Skype humbird0. Steam humbird0. PlayStation Network Humbird SoFurry humbird0. Inkbunny humbird0. YouTube Humbird Twitter humbird0. I have to ask is there any hope of you going back to complete your pokemon hentai version in the future?

I have a new now. I lost access to this old years ago. Best wishes and hope you return soon. You should back up the information on your site in case anything happens. God forbid it gets taken down, and you lose the stuff there. I was very excited and went to download it, only to discover that your site is down and that it isn't mirrored anywhere! Will there ever be app versions of your games for the phone. This website uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience. Learn More.

Humbird0 games

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