House party 0.12.3 guide

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Of course…WHO you locked away might still matter. To someone. Characters will delay processing of StartedPeeing Reactions very briefly to check for pee impacts, and in addition, each collision between pee and a Character will briefly delay the StartedPeeing Reaction between two Characters Fixed an issue that could cause a Character incorrectly fail a CanSee check specifically when a certain type of Object was supposed to be excluded.

While crouching and trigger running the player does not move at full run-speed anymore. Various optimisations to reduce garbage allocation and free up CPU cycles. Not like a house deed or some paperwork shit. Katherine will not be as likely to interrupt the Player with this approach during combat, will not walk to the Player if being spoken to, and will attempt to walk to the Player a bit more frequently.

Just talk to her nicey-nice one more time, k? Waiting too long will result in kinda-not-optimal things! Yes, that phrase is in a patch note. An NPC getting hit or not will now take into not only projectile velocity, but also how hard the item was originally thrown by the Player Fixed an issue that could cause the IsCurrentlyUsing criteria to return an inaccurate result if directed toward a Disabled Character The Player will no longer be able to accidentally toggle Combat Mode, Crouch, or attempt attacks while unconscious, which could result in nuisance behaviors like NPC reactions occurring at unintended times like temporary KOs during various stories or inaccurate State or Property criteria checks Restored the functionality of the RunWhenCloseToTarget State.

Pay close attention! Careful what you throw around near it! Is it even possible to learn this power?! Officially this time. Watch out! In general, Derek and Madison will not catch the Player stealing if they are too far away, out of vision, the Player is not in front of them, or are occupied by a very specific of story-content restrictions.

Calm it the fuck down, okay? You want to make these worth reading? Thought not. Frank now requires Derek to be free of a of other…story-occupying limitations In the Original Story: certain Achievements that relied on Periodic events in order to trigger will now wait until the Player is no longer being spoken to, to better ensure that the Player is able to conveniently observe the Achievement pop-up.

The explosion can also be manually triggered via the CSC, which will result in a non-glass explosion sound effect being played, but no automatic events being fired OnItemFunction Event Triggers work now. Intimacy started in this spot will manually align itself to prevent clipping or position issues rather than use Character position and rotation The Upstairs Bathroom now has a spot to engage in WallSex positions Added CutScene support to game and CSC. So, use this when you need a faster, one-off change. Updated the censor setting to show a black censor bar over non-player characters who are engaging in sexual activities.

Did you miss her hand? Instead, it will be shown regardless of him trusting you and can be used to confirm whether or not he trusts you enough. A hint has also been added to this exchange In the Original Story: when Frank reaches his chair again for the first time after the Player has snuck too much booze out of the Liquor Cabinet, a little more info about how Frank makes his decision to attack the Player or not will be provided In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could cause Leah to not have the appropriate Alternate Body Texture s when loading into a game In the Original Story: standardized the social criteria used to determine when Ashley will attack the Player in response to certain actions In the Original Story: fixed an issue that could allow the Player to ask Katherine to them in bed while they were being intimate with another NPC.

No, this is not a nerf to threesomes or something. Added support for some aspects of the input configuration window to be translated. Fixed issue where autosaves would sometimes not be written to the hard drive when returning to the main menu.

Added support for characters to use more complex body textures for preventing clipping with additional clothing sets. Fixed issues with non-gregorian calendar formats in the custom story browser. Updated how the male skin shaders are treated to allow use of a clipping plane for a bra worn in clothing set 1.

Manual correction of existing Criteria types and Character references may be required CSC: Individual Item Interactions resulting in a refusal will trigger refusal behavior s for that Item, even if the Item is present in an Item Group for which the Character has Item Group Interactions configured. This will allow you to more finely tune acceptance and refusal for items based on values or other criteria.

This will check against same data used by our internal IsInVicinity checks used in socialization, roaming, intimacy, default reactions, and more , which ensure that two characters are at a Distance of 4 or less from each other, and not on separate floors. For those still reading this crap, a Distance of 4 is approximately 1. CSC: Fixed some issues where criteria were being shown in the search feature that should have been excluded. CSC: Added advanced option to use regular expressions when using the search feature. CSC: Changed default settings for the search feature to be more broad when filtering by events and criteria simulatenously.

Still gotta earn your way back into buddy-ship, though! A DongVR A. Updated the save file metadata to include translations for all languages for recent memories and quests that are now shown in the load manager when hovering over a save. Fixed issue where memories being displayed when hovering over a save file in the load manager were not the most recent in the metadata for that save. No new voic! Synchronized time across all clocks in the universe Updated the radial for the main menu to use a new visual style and support up to 12 elements on screen at one time.

Updated the loading screen to support cycling randomly through a list of background image. Added a continue game button which is enabled when there is a valid auto save to recall. Updated auto save conditions to perform an auto save whenever you return to the main menu.

Added tool tips to the load window to show recent memories and opportunities in progress for the save file under the mouse. Will only work with newer save files. When used in this way, the current Default Clothing Set for any affected Character s is used. This should help mitigate crowd control issues on or around the stairs Fixed an issue that could cause Characters to try and fight each other through the stairway bannister, which is a pretty hit or miss strategy. Now they will run all the way up the stairs to murder you. Greet you. You know what I mean Fixed an issue that would allow Characters to struggle to fight through the immovable object that is the Refrigerator door.

This change also prevents players from placing items on top of the invisible collider. Sorry, no more floating penguin Fixed an issue that could lead to the Player being able to set their Crosshair focus on or even interact with NPCs through certain environmental layers or in unintended circumstances Slightly increased the distance at which the Popper item can trigger Poppered reactions by Characters Very slightly increased the distance at which the StarBomb will trigger Poppered reactions by Characters when it hits the FirePit Fixed an issue that could cause the Property Console Command to not apply Property changes to All Characters when the All subcommand was used Improved Player auto-targeting of NPCs for attacks in situations where the Player did not have an NPC target focused with their crosshair.

Updated main menu to exclude empty directories when determining language options for stories. Added support for the graphics menu to be translated. Improved performance for menu translations. Updated status bar code to support new radial style. They can now heal a maximum of 69 health, up from Heavens to fucksy! In the Original Story: Vickie may indicate to the Player that he is a fucking weirdo for standing around in the hot tub In the Original Story: Patrick will now attempt to go find his Merlot if he dropped it during the Derek Smash!

To scream at him. And…possibly allow Patrick to watch his cousin get dicked. All phones can now properly align to the right hand of males. When pressing start game players will now be presented with available characters and be able to select one and then play. Currently the male character is the only playable one, but a female character has been added as a preview.

Added support for main menu translation templates and wired them up to the main menu controls. Added support for pause menu translation templates and wired them up to the pause menu controls. However, they may still end up in the bedroom s if they were invited to hang there by Ashley or Madison, OR if they decided to go hang out with Ashley or Madison on their own In the Original Story: widespread cleanup of minor Character behaviors like Roaming toggles, etc. To avoid this, Read the Diary when Madison is NOT in vision of the player at all, or when Madison is facing away from you, or when she is at least six puppies away from you.

CSC: Added warning in the inspector for a story if the name of a story is greater than 50 characters. CSC: Added a label in the CSU registration to indicate validation errors for registration so users know what is expected from them. CSC: Made it so the ok only confirmation popups throughout the game will close if the user presses enter. You should use this command once immediately prior to saving a Debug Log. This Command does NOT count as cheating. Fixed issue where duplicate audio leases in the game could prevent characters from dancing next to obviously playing speakers.

Fixed issue causing duplicated memories to appear in the memories window when restarting game or loading a saved game. Fixed issue where long memories in the memories interface were getting truncated. Added functionality for new non-story-specific translation templates to be used with various game UI elements. Shifted translation template loading for the active story to happen earlier in the game load process; this fixed some cases where opportunities and other things could load in with the language they were saved in and not the currently selected language.

Disabled HDR for the cameras in scene that are responsible for rendering what you see in the mirrors. Should see a performance improvement for this.

House party 0.12.3 guide

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