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With the goal of keeping tabs on sex offenders, the state of Illinois has veered way off course. Its offender registration statute requires individuals to report every nook and cranny of their online activities to law enforcement—or face jail time. Every Internet site they visit, every online retailer they create, and every news story comment they post must be reported to police.

The rules violate free speech rights guaranteed to all people—even unpopular people—under the Constitution. The law was challenged by a Normal, Illinois, man who served 12 months of probation for a misdemeanor offense he committed as a juvenile.

Several years later he was arrested and charged with a felony punishable by a year in prison because he failed to report to police a Facebook to which he ed a photo. An Illinois judge last year correctly ruled that the online speech requirements of SORA were overbroad and unconstitutional.

The state has appealed the decision. No one, not even sex offenders, should be forced to report every aspect of his or her online life to law enforcement or be prevented from speaking anonymously on the Internet.

Participating in political discussion groups, banking online or posting a restaurant review has no nexus with police enforcement of sex offender laws. EFF and ACLU in successfully challenged a state ballot measure aimed at combating human trafficking that restricted the legal and constitutionally protected speech of all registered sex offenders in California. A district court ruling blocking enforcement of the measure was affirmed by the U. By that logic, sex offenders should be required to report their every move—when they take a bus, go to the post office, shop at the grocery store, or attend a meeting.

The good news is that the EFF is dedicated to ensuring that technology supports freedom, justice and innovation for all the people of the world. We had expected the court to do so. The Florida As the world stays home to slow the spread of COVID, communities are rapidly transitioning to digital meeting spaces. This highlights a trend EFF has tracked for years: discussions in virtual spaces shape and reflect societal freedoms, and censorship online replicates repression offline.

As most of us spend increasing amounts We are happy to see the news that Facebook is putting an end to a policy that has long privileged the speech of politicians over that of ordinary users. Larry Brandt, a long-time supporter of internet freedom, used his nearly year-old PayPal to put his money where his mouth is. His primary use of the payment system was to fund servers to run Tor nodes , routing internet traffic in order to safeguard privacy and avoid country-level censorship This limited series of livestreamed conversations looks back at some of the biggest issues in internet history and their effects on the modern web.

To celebrate 30 years of defending online freedom, EFF was proud to welcome The government's attempts to reduce EFF Lists. Electronic Frontier Foundation. Greetings from the Internet. By Karen Gullo and Sophia Cope. Related Issues Free Speech. Related Cases Doe v. updates on news, actions, events in your area, and more. Address. Postal Code optional. Anti-spam question: Enter the three-letter abbreviation for Electronic Frontier Foundation :. Don't fill out this field required. Thanks, you're awesome! Please check your for a confirmation link. Related Updates.

Over the past few weeks, as protests in—and in solidarity with—Palestine have grown, so too have violations of the freedom of expression of Palestinians and their allies by major social media companies. From posts incorrectly flagged by Facebook as incitement to violence, to financial censorship of relief payments made on Our Newsletter! Related cases Doe v. Follow EFF: twitter facebook instagram youtube flicker rss.

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Free sex 2016

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