Degrees of lewdity kylar

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About Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Watches you a lot even when you're in the same space. Just likes observing you and not having to hide it bc you're in a setting where it's fine for them to be looking at you. Kylar's hands have a lot of scars and burns from various things. Playing with chemicals, breaking into places, practicing using their knife.

Would be willing to do anything for you, doesn't expect you to do the same for them. Doesn't see themselves as important enough for you to be as dedicated to them like that. As predator: you don't stand a chance. Kylar already knows so much about you, it's almost over before it even begins. If you managed to evade them for a long period of time, they will be extra rough with you. How could you elude me for so long?

Have you been keeping secrets, love? Was probably tailing you the whole time. I feel like Kylar would either not be able to handle spicy food or wouldn't even notice its supposed to be spicy. No in-between. If you wanted to degrade Kylar during sex, they would let you. Just be prepared for a lot of after care. If you want to be hurt during sex you either gotta reassure them a bunch or really tease them into it. Into knife play. Both giving and receiving. Usually only indulges when they have high jealousy. Sees it as huge of trust.

Has meticulous records regarding you. Your health, allergies, school reports, anything about you they could find. All about giving aftercare. Even in a high jealousy state, they love to give aftercare. Doesn't always remember that they also need aftercare. Please, give Kylar aftercare.

Likes the idea of public sex but doesn't want anyone to see you. Settles for simi public sex in alleyways. Male Kylar is big into cock warming. Gets to keep his seed inside you and he gets to stay pressed up against you? What's not to love? Loves it when you brush their hair.

The first time you brushed Kylar's hair they almost cried. The type of person to put something in their pocket and then forget it was in there. Doesn't spend a lot of time on their appearance but might start if you help them. Like, seriously, help them. What colors look good on them? How do they know what shampoo is good for their hair type? If they want to do face care how do they figure out their skin type and what products to use? Just in case you need something. Runs a popular yandere core blog on tumblr. Does have a shit ton of photos of you. Some of them are normal photos from like, a year book or a news paper clipping.

A lot of the photos are blurry, out of focus, or only have you partially in the frame. Kylar keeps all of them. Stutters a lot. Is most confident when having sex with you. Still occasionally stutters during sex. If you have a period: Kylar would do anything you wanted them to.

Would consider it a huge of trust. Same goes with other projectiles. Has dabbled in knife throwing. If you gave them your clothes they would be conflicted. Would cling to you, trying to show their gratitude. Brings you small gifts. Usually drawing and poems but sometimes flowers and trinkets. Somo: Def watching you sleep and jacking off while doing so. Would probably cum on you if they though they could. Male Kylar might fuck your thighs. Would do almost anything you wanted. Hard limits are hurting you badly and sharing you. Actually, might be open to a poly relationship. Great Hawk, Eden, and Robin would probably be acceptable.

They would help protect you and would also protect Kylar and godd someone please protect Kylar. I like the idea of Whitney and Kylar coming to an agreement to share you but godd that would take a lot of negotiating and talking things out and Whitney is not the patient type. Whitney would say something to set Kylar off and set back any progress made. Kylar would never bring it up but would go a little feral if you asked them to choke you. Again, sees it as a of trust. Loves feeling your heart beating against their hand. Breeding Kink! Like, I'm pretty sure we all agree Kylar has a breeding kink.

Even if you can't get pregnant they'll talk about you having their baby. Good at cooking and baking. Actually likes cleaning. Likes doing repetitive actions bc it lets them zone out and think abt you. Juice boxes. Juice bottles. Juice cartons. Drinks so much juice.

What parts of their room isn't dedicated to you has a bunch of empty juice containers. V chill with insects. That person who would catch an insect and take them outside instead of killing the insect. Best subjects are English and science. Sick baby. Gets colds often and just ignores it. Kylar please, you'll just make it worse. If you take care of them tho, Kylar will fake being sick longer just to have a few extra days of you taking care of them. Sweater paws! Constantly has sweater paws. Hands are always cold. Has long, thin fingers. Hands have a slight tremor when relaxed but steady out when holding something.

Service switch. Tendency to sub. Would drag you off to somewhere more private to finish things. Def keeps the cups of those milkshakes you bring them. Cleans the cups out and keeps the cups in their shrine. Pleasepleaseplease overstimulation for m! Kylar and m! Whitney separately. When you bring up the idea of pushing limits, Kylar is already pulling you into an alley and pushing you onto a mattress.

Going multiple rounds means getting to fuck you longer and getting to cum inside you again and again and again.

Degrees of lewdity kylar

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