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Punishment September 29, My dad is very strict and he wanted me to be disciplined but I was a mischievous and naughty boy. He was very angry with me for this reason and as a punishment he transferred me to a boarding school where my new life began.

It was a very special type of school where even the most mischievous students were disciplined and excelled in studies and career. The school had many rules and if you break any rule, you get a punishment. The punishments were not physical, they were more inclined towards creating an psychological impact on the student so they don't repeat it again. Punishments like if the student throws trash in the premises, they will have to clean the floor for the whole day, and that's not all, the worst part is your picture will feature on the wall of shame.

It took me a couple of punishments to make myself stay disciplined. Gradually things got going well and I adapted myself to my new life. The school had a rule where boys had to get a haircut every month on the same. . July 31, Hi girls!

I'm a politician and I am from a small village where I use to do finance business and my uncle worked as my assistant. I was married to a beautiful girl named Shivani. She was my everything and I had nothing which is worth more than her, not even my life.

Seeing her happy was the only thing I ever thought of. Riya's Touch. June 12, Welcome to my world! I am Rohini, a professional photographer. I used to be a man called Rohan. I always felt I'm trapped in the wrong body and wanted to be a woman. I kept it a secret since childhood and never told about it to anyone. I was keen on photography and whenever I was clicking pictures of woman, I used to feel I am clicking photographs of myself in feminine attire.

One day, a beautiful lady came to me for photo-shoot, her name was Riya, she is a professional makeup artist, specialist in bridal makeup. I immediately feel in love with her, she was extremely beautiful. She also liked me, we started dating and love was in the air. We used to meet regularly and spend time with each other. I proposed her for marriage and she said yes. Our family agreed and got us married. I didn't reveal my feminine side to her and kept it a secret even after marriage. Everything was working well for both of us, we had a happy life. Time passed and we loved each other even more.

We regula. Anish to Anushka. May 28, Hello girls! Ever since I was a kid, I always wanted to become a policeman and whenever I see a police film, I just couldn't control my feelings and wear my NCC uniform pretending to be a cop. As I grew older my zeal to become a police officer has increased.

After my degree exams, I decided to leave to the nearby town to an institute and prepare for police exam. It's been a month since I reached this town and it's very pleasant and people here are very caring too. I was so focused that I didn't even visited a barber shop since almost a year. The notifications were not released but I didn't give up my hope and I am preparing as the exam is next month. Soon my hair reached my mid-back and I used to wear a ponytail to class.

I never talk to anyone and mind my own business and soon notification was released. I cleared the exam and was selected in the physical exam with just passing marks, and as per the rules cand. May 13, This quarantine has affected our lives in many ways for many people, but for me it has changed my life hopefully forever. Little about me, I am a software engineer who is married to a beautiful woman for three years and we try to make time to spend with each other from our busy schedule as she is also working in a different company.

We own an apartment and life is all good. When this pandemic hit us and government issued a nation wide lockdown, to be frank we felt happy as we could spend time with each other. We didn't opt for work from home so we had plenty of time to spend. We both like fitness and don't get your expectations high, I am not a fit guy who wants to look masculine but my wife is fairly in good shape as she likes to keep her diet well maintained and she does yoga and some cardio.

Lucky for her she can workout at home and I can't as gyms are closed actually I can workout at home but I'm just a lazy ass. She knew that and made me her for the cardio a. Women's Day. March 08, Should it be a special day for a man like me? What it takes to be a women?

How do women feel? Hoping to find the answers to these questions, I decided to crossdress and become a women for a day. For the first time in life, I dressed up in clothes which are generally associated with women — a salwar kameez.

I was so afraid of being judged that I was not able to step out of the dressing room. I was certain that I would get recognized and made fun of, but at the end it was worth exploring femininity. All of this started when my only friend, Radhika, ranted about difficulties a women has to go through and how hard a life of women is. She kept telling about her difficulties and there came an idea in my mind, why not I experience this myself for a day and proposed my idea of living a day in the shoes of women.

She started laughing thinking I am joking and didn't take it seriously. I stron. August 15, We are from an Orthodox family. We are 7 brothers. We don't have any sister. Fortunately we all are doing job in the same city but our parents are staying back in our hometown. I am the youngest of all and good at cooking, so I used to cook daily.

Today was Wednesday and tomorrow is Thursday which is Rakshabandhan festival. Our brothers started feeling very sad that they don't have sister to get a rakhi and celebrate rakshabandhan. So I asked my brothers, what you can provide if you have a sister. They said we are ready to give whatever she want. I demanded some gifts. They said we will give more than those as these guys are doing good job and earning well enough whereas I was in the initial stage of earning.

I thought it would be better if I get all those from them and they even love me more now. I decided to be their sister for tomorrow. I took some money from my brother and went out that night. I came to a beauty parlor and explained the situation. They agreed and star. More posts.

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