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Are you perhaps a fan of plus size women? If your answer is yes, then you definitely need to see this list featuring the hottest BBW pornstars because these are some of the best in the industry right now! I admit that when I watch porn, I prefer watching a petite girl getting rammed or a curvy babe getting utterly ravaged by long cocks. However, there are also woman on the heavier side that look really amazing and I love watching them fuck. And while I love watching plus size and chubby girls, I am not really a fan of the latter.

And you are going to see that preference reflected in this list as I have picked up only those chubby pornstars that I personally would watch and jerk off to. Also Read: Best Petite Pornstars of Amy is a tattooed adult model and pornstar who likes to draw, paint, and engage in other artistic pursuits in her spare time.

Her name comes from the fact that she usually has tender affections for villainous comic book characters, which is a little unusual. Born in the Russian Federation, Lucy Laistner is a rather alluring and beautiful adult star who can be impossibly cute when she wishes. Her smile lights up this universe like nothing else can and she boasts very kissable lips that any king would want around his noble cock!

Her very natural J-cup titties are so full that Putin is said to be rightly proud of them, and who can blame the fella! Watch Lucy Laistner on Scoreland. Blonde and too fabulous for words, Krystal Swift has the knack of giving the most ecstatic solace to sore eyes and eager dicks! She happens to be bisexual and no cock can enter her without cumming like it is hooked up to a pressure washer!

Is Oksana Rose the prettiest chubby pornstar on this list? Well, let your cock have a taste of her and you can tell me the answer! This Asian BBW babe is average tall and chubby and like most other girls on this top BBW pornstars listing has a fat ass and big boobies. Them titties are not the firmest, but they sure do make up for it by jiggling like everything is their business! Oksana mostly does self-pleasing porn, but if you search around you will surely find videos of cocks riffling through her fat snatch and liking what they discover there very much!

Miss Mayson comes tattooed, cheery, chubby, and tips the scales at over 90kg. Her hair is brown, her ass big and comforting and her natural boobies comprise a sweet set of all-natural H-cup and milk-crammed beauties that are still very shapely despite all the stress that this slut has put them through! She likes her fun hardcore, but any cock that shows up for it better get ready to get bounced on and sucked cleaner than a whistle by this sex addict!

Born in mid , Sylvia Bateman is one of the best BBW pornstars with milk-white skin and stupendous 38G very natural bazungas that should be declared the best that this planet has ever produced! Them mammaries are incredibly full and shapely and I am pretty sure you will be needing both hands to lift one, let alone both!

Pretty, blue-eyed, brown-haired and so naturally nasty, this adult model sure can shorten your lifespan if you start sampling too much of her wares! Annabelle Rogers is a handful. Top among her assets are all-natural G-cup mammaries that have a larger landmass than Texas! We could end world hunger if only she would donate these juice-filled bazungas, but she instead uses them to send what little is left of your senses dribbling through that almighty woody you have a stranglehold on!

You know better than to believe whatever you read on the internet, right? Bisexual, years old, tattooed, pierced and born in the Russian Federation, this babe, and her gorgeous assets deserve to be on your menu for all of this week! Yes, Mischievous Kitty has massive knockers with pierced nipples and a gargantuan booty, plus the kind of fat pussy that makes you put in a call to Guinness Word Records!

She loves to finger her snatch, and can provide a very warm home for any cock that manages to spear open that meaty slit of hers! Born in the US, Kamille is one of those meaty sluts who suck on throbbing cocks like a physician recommended its life-extending properties and she elevates cock-bouncing to an art form. Busty and booty-blessed to the limit, tattooed, freaky, and nasty, she makes some of her contemporaries look like tame schoolgirls and is among the BBW pornstars you need to keep an eye on and utilize for those special occasions when you need to paint geometric patterns on your ceiling with your seed!

Lissa is a redhead babe and a cheerful one at that whose massive 36G mammaries regularly draw more attention than the oncoming alien invasion ever will! She rocks one of the clearest and sweetest skins in this list, and her booty appears to have a special taste that I would give anything to lick!

One thing this BBW chick does well is give you hope. Hope that one day you will be judged not by the color of your skin or the size of your wallet, but by the many gallons of cum your cock can pump out when asked to do its duty! Watch Lissa Hope on Scoreland. American born and bred, friendly and unassuming, pretty, tall, blonde, and blue-eyed, Mya sure does have everything she needs to spoil a majority of the populace and spoil them she does with glee!

This stunning MILF loves dangling those long mammaries of hers in our faces, and you can be sure that her love canal gets enough thrusts to make your asshole feel so lonely and jealous! When they talk about babes that are bigger than most self-respecting mountains, Sofia Rose is the first thing that comes to mind! What would I give to have this mountain of sweet flesh fall on me and get impaled on that razor-sharp boner I have been nursing since last month! This Latina starlet has titties so massive that deserve their own passport and birth certificate, plus a bottom so big folks that go swimming inside it disappear and often cannot be found for days!

Massively talented, Sofia is just what you need to flush out your system! Rachel is the first ebony pornstar on this list and I know all you fuckers have been waiting for her appearance with all your cumming might! Young, pretty, and sweet, Rachel loves to lie down somewhere comfy and introduce her plush cunt to boners with a variety of cunt excavating skills! Watch Rachel Raxxx on Scoreland.

Peyton comes fully chubby and can smile so sweetly you would rip out any organ of yours that she asks for and tearfully beg her to take it! She carries around a rather full pair of 40N monster tits that almost reach her belly button and you can be sure that her ass is fat and big enough to hold a weekend race on! Watch this slut moan and receive the cumming anointing from cocks bigger than your own and you will see just how important boners and orgasms are to making the world go round!

This Russian pornstar has peerless skin, equally peerless and all-natural 38G mammaries, and a big booty you can dive into if you are desirous of visiting cloud nine on the double! Tessa loves oral sex, loves it more when a man gets her massive knockers clapping with glee, and likes being on top, with her favorite XXX position being the doggy style.

If you got the moolah to spare then you might have ridden around in a flashy Maserati. Maserati is a Jamaican adult model whose breasts are said to weigh almost the same as an adult rhino! Only 42J cup bras can accommodate these monster juice bags and these strain, groan, and often threaten to sue her for subjecting them to cruel and unusual punishment!

Jamaican girls are known for being freakish and Maserati fully intends to let you know that is not a rumor! This pretty slut and cam girl just loves to declare her assets to every Tom, Dick, and Harry with boners of wicked size and heft! Watch Maserati on Scoreland. Well, what a sweet little bunny we have here and what I would give to put her on a plate and gorge myself to bursting!

She has blonde hair, green eyes, hefty K-cup wonder boobs, and is among the best BBW pornstars without a doubt. Bunny sure does know how to put on a show and watching a slut get served never felt better than when it is her that is getting the serving! This young goddess was born in and is so sweet-faced I want her to pee and spit in my oats!

Sexy Diana sure can be a slut and has freely sampled that heavy artillery that JMac calls a woody. How her pussy has remained unchanged and her ovaries unsmashed after that epic encounter remains unclear to me! But then she might be the sanctified angel in charge of the energetic cumming affairs of mankind, but no one has ever made that assertion!

Anyway, Angel sure is as pretty as an angel, but far more busty and booty-blessed! This girl is a serious looker and has worked with some of the biggest names in porn, like Naughty America, EvilAngel, BangBros and more. Scarlet is a goth with tattoos and piercings in abundance and a former nude model turned pornstar who rebelled against her strict upbringing in the most spectacularly-orgasmic fashion she could think of! She can be the very devil in the sack, eagerly munching on both cock and cunt like they are her favorite soul food!

Watch Scarlet LaVey on Scoreland. While bisexual, Angelina still manages to suck cock and ride on them with enough energy and happiness to gift you boners you could hop to Vegas on! Watch Angelina Castro on Scoreland. With her 36H mammaries and insatiable boner appetite, Milly Marks was made to make cocks rise to their most erect positions and unleash unstoppable broides!

Watch Milly Marks on Scoreland. Stella Daniels has it all and more, from blonde locks you want to wash your face with, to boobs so big they weigh her down! Why not spend the rest of the day imagining that you and Stella are the only intelligent life left on the planet and keeping your cock perpetually in her cunt is a task on which the fate of humanity depends!

Anastasia Lux is taller than the average, bustier than the average, and more booty-blessed than the average. I can only wonder if she bribed an angel on high to get an overload of all the goodies that she sexily carts around! This gorgeous babe was born in Portugal, but grew up in the UK and is years old and without a doubt, one of the sexiest BBW pornstars right now. Anastasia has been in an impressive of porn videos, but do not watch all of these at the same time or your overworked boner just might call the cops on your ass! Watch Anastasia Lux on Scoreland.

When a woman has blonde hair, a nice smile, a pretty face, and the massive mammaries whose juice can fill a drum, it makes sense to ensure that your cock is fully alert to the possibilities that she enables! This BBW star is amenable to sex by both sexes, though your cock is more likely to explode upon seeing her cunt getting ripped open in the doggystyle position by a cock that is in no mood to play nice! Watch Codi Vore on Scoreland. So, that was my list of the sexiest big beautiful women in porn that I wanted to share with you guys.

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