Being one episode 2 walkthrough

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Regardless of the choice you've made at the end of the chapter, the course of the game will be the same. Leave Kate's room and go to the dormitory's backyard. Before you go any further, approach the bench on the right side - next to it you will find a trash bin, with a piece of a candy bar inside. Take the candy from it and put it on the bench. Move away slightly so that a squirrel will approach the food you've prepared. As soon as the furry begins the feast, approach it and take the second photo for your journal collection. After you've taken the photography, you can go to the janitor break room, where you can find a couple of interesting things like Rachel's photos.

You can ask the janitor, who is sitting on the bench and feeding birds, about it. Approach Taylor, who is sitting by the tree and speak with her if you want to get another journal entry. Regardless of the choices you make during the conversation, you won't get a "friendly for Taylor" status in the journal. You will have to wait until she speaks about her mother and then go back in time and use the freshly acquired knowledge to surprise her. After going back in time, you will just have to select the "About your mom" dialogue option to get a positive entry in your journal.

After the conversation, head towards the dormitory exit and speak with Warren. You can either "go on a date" with him movie , or decline. Regardless of your choice, the conversation will continue in a same manner. Afterwards, head towards the exit to watch a cut scene. After arriving at the place, look around the area before you enter the bar. Go to the parking lot where you will find a trailer.

A man and a guard tog will be sitting behind it - the dog will prevent you from talking with the man. Additionally, you must take a photo here if you want to complete your collection. In order to do that, circle around the building bar and enter the back alley. By following it, you will get to the fence, from where you will be able to see both the dog and the man.

Here you can take your photo. Another photography can be taken in front of the bar entrance. Look at the board above the entrance whale and take the photo - Photo. After you've made those two shots, enter the bar and head towards the toilet. Inside, there will be a graffiti on the mirror - take a last photo for your collection here. Go to the other side of the bar and sit at the box - soon the waitress will approach you. Talk to her for a short while and order one of the two dishes. After making your order, wait for the waitress to come back with the breakfast - in the meantime you can look around the room and drink your coffee.

As soon as Chloe comes back, she will start a conversation about your supernatural abilities. You will be faced with quite a difficult test - all of the tasks will depend on your perception. Chloe will order you to guess what is inside her pockets. In order to do so, you will first have to answer her questions incorrectly and wait for her to show what is inside them. Before you go back in time, you must memorize all the details about every single thing.

Afterwards, Chloe will ask you the very same questions. The questions, and the answers to them, are as follows:. Another test will also depend on your observation skills. You will have to look around the room and memorize all the events you will be a witness of in the next dozen or so seconds.

Afterwards, speak with Chloe and reveal all the details about every single one of them. The correct answers are:. At the end of the chapter you will be faced with a final and a consequential decision. Kate will call you and whether you answer the phone or one will have an impact on the future events.

Answering the phone will help you ificantly at the end of the episode, so it's worth to choose the Answer option. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Game Guides. Games Encyclopedia. Release Dates. Life is Strange Guide. Game Guide.

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Being one episode 2 walkthrough

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