Adult games to play at the beach

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For many, beach holidays follow a simple regime of sunbathing, reading, sleeping, drinking, sunbathing some more and an occasional saunter to the sea for a float around in the shallows. An appealing way to recover from the stress of everyday life. But surely there is only so much of it you can do before you turn into a sun-baked, beach-couch potato?

Well thank goodness for beach games as, for the rest of us, time at the beach means endless hours of competitive fun that can be equally as stress relieving as all that relaxation! Having many, many hours of beach time under our belts, choosing the best beach games for adults and kids alike, was a tough challenge. Click on the relevant category to find out what your options are to suit your requirements. Then about each one further on in the article. Summer beach games offer the perfect opportunity to show off your sporting prowess to your overly competitive siblings, friends and partners.

And the childish appeal for taking down your opponents through both sportsmanlike game play and physical brute force seems to only heighten with age! Aside from the rivalry that comes with the hot competition, there is also endless variety in the fun that can be had on soft sand and in shallow water. The chance to throw your body around on cushioned landings with mostly no repercussions is what makes beach holidays so attractive to aficionados of great beach games.

And thankfully, for those who like to play it cool at the beach, there are some less animated options that are no less competitive and can be enjoyed by all. Disclaimer: We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. Quaddleball throws a fun twist into the playground foursquare we all know and love: everyone plays with a paddle!

Though Quaddleballing is best played at the beach, you can also enjoy the game in your yard too. Serve up and defend your square! There is also a fun 1 on 1 court setup that even makes classic paddle ball more fun. Check out the Quaddleball website for more information, game rules, court set up and the family Quaddleball story!

Find the latest price at: Quaddleball. Two teams battle to outplay their opponents by bouncing a ball off the trampoline-like net that sits between them. Horizontal dives and spectacular spikes make this trampoline beach game perfect for people with time on their hands — you will be hooked for hours. Check out Spikeball. Find the latest price on: Amazon REI. If you want to get the beach party games for adults going early in the day then nothing beats adding a TidalBall set to your beach bag. Complete with 4 koozies one for each competitor , this simple beach game combines bocce ball and cornhole, and is the ideal for adding some drinking game silliness to your afternoon at the beach.

Dig a couple of holes and a couple of trenches, attempt to chuck balls into them, and drink when you fail! Or something like that. Find the latest price on: Amazon. The beach is the perfect place for tug of war. But good luck trying to untie them after the battle! There are a few prerequisites needed to really enjoy playing this game; the ability to throw and catch a Frisbee and the ability to do so in one swift movement when both feet are off the ground!

Easy really. Invented at the University of Oregon, the Ultimate playing pioneers make it look much easier than it really is. So, brush up on your disc skills and then give it a go. For a bit of casual sporting fun, get the whole family involved. Volleyball is a great leveller for all ages and abilities, especially if you play with three or more on each team. But for those who appreciate the serious side of beach games, two versus two battles of agility, skill and tactical prowess will keep you hungry for the win for hours.

So instead, find yourself a little space on the beach, grab three pals and focus your discs towards the balancing cups of your opponents:. Start your evening at the beach with the all-time class beach game of Bocce Ball. This simple game of accuracy and precision can be as ruthless as is it fun. Plus, once you get into it you can be at it for hours! The perfect combination of volleyball and four square. It also has faster gameplay, is height adjustable to make it kiddie friendly, and is far more portable than a volleyball set.

Plus, an easy setup allows more time to dominate the court and settle the score. Game to 11, win by 2! Just like musical chairs but with towels laid out on the sand instead of chairs. Put some great summer classics on the boom box to really get the beach party games going, and this simple game will please a group of adults just as easily as a bunch of kids. Better still, it can be played with both! However, it is worth noting that no matter your age, the primal urge to get your butt onto that empty towel at all costs, is unavoidable.

If your idea of a great beach game involves diving around in the sea until water starts pouring out of your nose, then the Waboba ball is for you. There are lo of games you can play with this awesome little ball. But the best way to show off your aquabatics to the onlooking beach is a simple game of catch. Throw it with plenty of spin, as if you were skimming a stone, to heighten the degree of catching difficulty that your partner will have to face.

This fun fad of the early 90s is sadly no longer a common sight on family beaches. But every now and then, it rears its fuzzy head, taking you right back to the good old days of sandy corned-beef sandwiches and thermos flasks of warm tea! Thankfully, you can still get hold of it. A top hit on the best beach games for kids list, and suitable for all ages. A civilised round of cricket is one of the best games to play at the beach with friends.

The bowler aims to knock down the wickets with the ball, and the batter tries to hit the ball away. The further they hit the ball the better. This enables the batter to have enough time to run to a post and back. The fielders must try to catch or stump the batter out, and if there are lo of kids in the group the batter will be replaced quickly making everyone happy! Unless you get caught out on the first hit! This is a game for the less serious players out there. Double Plop requires no equipment, just a bunch of stones or pebbles and the sea to throw them into.

A good grasp of the effects of gravity and an affinity for absurd games also helps. It can be played with two or more people, with the silliness rating soaring as more people get involved. At the edge of the water, player 1 the leader lobs his stone the sea. The thrower who best synchronises their plop with the lead stone, gains a point and becomes the leader.

There are various ways to gauge whose stone is the most synchronised. Honesty; a keen eye for following stones through the air; good judgement. But we like to heckle our way to victory, claiming superior synchronicity at every attempt. Bonus points are also awarded for ambitious trajectories! Switch the board for hand-drawn rings in the sand, the darts for pebbles or pretty shells, and the mandatory pint of beer for a cooling lemonade. Customise the board by drawing whatever shapes you like in the sand, with points set for each target. The simplicity of the game makes it one of the best beach games for kids to play without them ruining your own enjoyment of the game.

You can even set their throwing line a little closer to prevent any accusations of highway robbery from heckling spectators. Set them off on a scavenger hunt. And the promise of ice cream as a reward for finding every single item ought to keep them entertained for at least as long as it takes you to read a chapter or two! To make it super easy take a couple of copies of this printable scavenger hunt list with you to the beach. For tired parents looking for less physical beach activity ideas that will keep the kids out of mischief, sand Pictionary is a win, win for everyone.

Find a nice shady spot, some soft sand and a little creativity. The Guinness World Record for the farthest throw was set with an Aerobie — an incredible meters. So choose a big beach with an onshore wind if possible. The best beaches for games are big and quiet, with lots of space. More likely, it will catch the breeze and sail way past them!

Either way, an Aerobie provides hours of fun in the right setting. This award winning pop and catch game is one of the best beach games for couples wanting to spice up their games of throw and catch. Grab yourself a Squap set and hit the sand or shallow water for some proper beach action. Catch the ball like you would if you were wearing a baseball mitt and immediately pop it right back at your partner, challenging them to heroic dives and trick catches. Another way to enjoy beach frisbee when space is limited is to add a Kan Jam bin to your beach games bag.

Hone your accuracy levels by working with your buddy to slam the disc in the bin. Or even better, shoot it straight into the post box for an instant win. Kan Jam oozes high fives aplenty and chest bumps galore. However, the tables can turn at the flick of a disc, so keep that bravado under wraps before your ego gets slammed in the trash, too.

Adult games to play at the beach

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Best Beach Games: 31 Awesome Ways to Have Fun at the Beach